Tuesday, January 6, 2009

can you really recycle wives??

See if you can follow along.

Ex-husband has been married three times. THREE times. Between three wives, he has fathered four children (before he finally got snipped).

I say ‘has been’, because last summer he divorced wife #3. Shocking, but yet not. Not shocking that he’s divorced again. But shocking in the fact that HE was the one that chose to end the marriage. He’s just not that type.

Unless you know him well enough that he wouldn’t do such a thing unless he had a plan…..a replacement. Ex-wife #2.

Yes, you read that right…..he left wife #3, for wife #2. Somehow, the both of them got it in their head, that their divorce was a mistake. Given what I know, I have no earthly idea how they drew that conclusion. They had this big romantic explanation to justify their actions and current relationship.

It only held together for 6 months. Ex-wife #2 kicked Butthead to the curb this week.

Now Butthead’s trying to cry on Ex-wife #3’s shoulder, moaning & groaning over how sorry he is, and how messed up his life is. I fear a reconciliation is possible, no matter how much she protests right now. Time will tell.

He knows better than to try to turn to me. A) I’m re-married, and B) even if I wasn’t, I turned him down flat when he tried to turn to me when Ex-wife #2 kicked him out the first time.

I’m all tapped out of sympathy for him. I’m too busy trying to comfort and undo all the damage that this havoc and chaos has wreaked on our son, Marc.

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